HUMP DAY JUMP Ford Expedition Bounces on Railroad Tracks

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This week’s Hump Day Jump is a bit unorthodox, but all around hilarious.

Railroad tracks are everywhere, in fact there are around 140,490 miles of track in the United States to date. We are all familiar with the thumps and bumps our cars endure when we drive over them–but perhaps not as familiar with that feeling as the driver in this video is.

At first glance it seems as though the person behind the wheel of this SUV may be attempting to outrun a train, and while this wasn’t the case,┬áhe ended up preformed a fairly daring stunt anyways.

As he approaches from the far left, we can see that he hasn’t slowed down at all in anticipation of those tracks and the road sends his car bouncing as though he were driving on a trampoline and not asphalt.

The SUV on the far right has slowed down to enjoy the show,┬ádemanding an encore at the end when he honks his horn–I know I would.

All jokes aside, however, please slow down at railroad crossings if you don’t want to end up with airbag to the face. Watch the hilarious clip below:

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