HUMP DAY JUMP Ford Escape Soars, Airbags Deploy

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FTE Jump

Most of the time our Hump Day Jump videos consist of vehicles such as the Ford Raptor, Explorer, or the Ranger. Of course, we throw in a F-150 and a Bronco from time to time for kicks! Still, this may very well be the first time we’ve ever featured this particular vehicle as it reached for the skies. Of course, these Ford rigs aren’t as commonly seen as many of the others, and are certainly not abused as much. Nonetheless, the Ford Escape was bound to get its turn at destruction as well!

In this video we get to see a Ford Escape bruising through a fairly open and bumpy field. It seems rather sudden as the driver comes up on a perfect ramp for jumping, and, to be honest, we’re really not sure if he expected the ride to get airborne or simply assume he was going to climb up the mound. Regardless of what he though would happen, the two spectators seemed genuinely stunned and excited when the Escape rocketed upward.

The leap wasn’t very graceful, and the airbags deployed in the process. The driver was uninjured, and even emerged from the ride excited and laughing with his buddies. Still, the Escape didn’t seem to be in great shape after the incident!

Check out the video below and see the chaos for yourself! Be warned, the language is a bit explicit!

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