Ford Crew Cab Gets Destroyed (Video)

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HUMP DAY JUMP! Ford Crew Cab Jumps Driveway, Leading Itself Right into an Eventual Junkyard

When a video starts with a Ford trucks barrels down a road and the cameraman turning to the audience and saying, “For the record, this is a bad idea,” you know that you’re in for one hell of a show. Maybe that show won’t be terribly neat and clean, but it’s bound to be exciting!

And it definitely is! Today’s “Hump Day Jump” clip starts with this exact exciting scenario. The rig in the video is a white Ford Crew Cab, and the driver seems to be a bit over-confident in his ability to jump a rather unorthodox mound. First, the truck barrels at a high speed into a drainage ditch at the side of the road. Then, it proceeds to carry that speed as it jumps a driveway. Not a great idea.

The driver gets out of the leap just fine, and the truck seems relatively OK as it circles back. Of course, the Ford truck was apparently “junked” in the escapade, and, to be honest, we aren’t really surprised. Still, it’s definitely worth watching. Check out the mayhem for yourself!

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