Watch a Ford Bronco II Jump in Slow Motion

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FTE Jump

The Ford Bronco II was an interesting creation, to say the least. It was a smaller and lesser known version of the more respected Ford Bronco, that didn’t really last terribly long in the big scheme of things. Of course, it was the Ford Bronco II that led to the creation of the Ford Explorer, which is an admirable rig that still endures to this day. So while this particular rig might be gone, it seems to us that it’s important to remember it’s place in Ford history, and that’s exactly what we’ll be doing today!

In this video we get to see one of these old school Explorer predecessors jumping in slow motion. The leap is performed on a dirt road using a rather large dip in the road, and we’d say that it does pretty well. But, really, what more would you expect from an outstanding Ford truck? Performance has always been their forte, and in today’s clip we get to see that yet again!

Check out the video below and see the bound for yourself!

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