HUMP DAY JUMP! Ford Aerostar Van Jumps Over Two Cars

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FTE Jump

While we don’t immediately want to spoil it, we will say that the happenings in this clip are certainly not something you see everyday, and, while we are impressed, we find the whole thing a bit laugh-worthy. We hope you enjoy it as much as we do!

For more information, we will tell you that this clip doesn’t involve the typical Ford F-150, Explorer, or Ranger. No — instead, in today’s video, we get to see a Ford Aerostar in action. That’s right: a little Ford van is the vehicle catching some air in today’s feature! What’s more is that this ride doesn’t justĀ jump, itĀ soars.

In fact, it soars over two cars! With it’s high-flying exploits, we’d say that the feat was pretty impressive! Of course, the landing did look a little road. But, really, what would one expect from a Ford van that was meant to always have all fours on the ground?

Check out the video below and see the insanity for yourself!

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