HUMP DAY JUMP F-350 Soars on the Dunes

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FTE Jump

We all know that trucks have a tendency to weigh quite a bit, and when it comes to ranking these rigs based on weight, the F-350 is certainly not the lightest ride around. This would explain why we rarely see decent jumps from these hefty rigs. They might be excellent at hauling and pulling, but flying? Well, let’s just say that it isn’t really their forte. Of course, that doesn’t mean that we don’t see some interesting leaps and bounds come from F-350 rigs. From time to time we get a good flight, and this week’s video is an example of an F-350 that believed it could and managed to succeed!

The driver of this red F-350 seems to be enjoying their time at Glamis Dunes, and we don’t blame them. He only managed to get about three feet of air after taking this jump, but it’s still high enough to be impressive. When you watch the clip you even noticed how the heavy weight of the front end quickly pulls the rest of the truck down with it, resulting in a sturdy thud on impact. Of course, thus Ford rig can handle anything!

But don’t take our word for it — watch the video below and see the bound for yourself!

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