HUMP DAY JUMP F-250 Jumps at Los Angeles Mudfest!

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F-250 Jumps at LA Mudfest!

Now, we’ve certainly mentioned this before: F-250s are not meant to jump. They are made for working, whether that be by hauling or by pulling. Even so, they weigh a ton and getting them into the air is not only unfeasible, but also not exactly the best idea.

After all, what comes up must come down, and the excess weight means it will come down harder. Even so, it is an absolute blast to watch this guy launch his old F-250 into a mud pit at a Mudfest event that was held in Los Angeles!

As he takes the jump his hood actually completely flies up, which is definitely interesting. And when the rig hits the ground… well, it is definitely with one hell of a thud! The hood seems to have become detached and smoke is rising up from the front end… never a good sign!

Even so, the driver seems relatively excited and even climbs into the bed of the truck in his excitement. The rig clearly isn’t going anywhere, but we hope it is repairable!

Check out the video for yourself and watch an F-250 do what it was never meant to!

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