HUMP DAY JUMP Donor Explorer Flies in One Last Hoorah!

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FTE Jump

So what do you do if you buy a running, driving parts truck? Well, for these guys the answer was simple, and came in the way of abusing it until it was unable to drive.

Though we don’t believe in mistreating your Ford, we will admit that it looks like these guys had a lot of fun! And, according to them, they rendered the 1993 Ford Explorer unable to move within five minutes of having it off the trailer.

If you’re curious as to how they do this, the video below explains it all. Apparently there was a perfect mound on the property, and they decided to jump the rig not once, but twice, in order to send the truck into oblivion.

Surprisingly, it still seems to be doing well, even after the second jump. No surprise there, since the Explorer is, after all, Built Ford Tough!

Check out the video below and see as the ‘93 Ford jumps for kicks in one last hoorah!

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