Hump Day Jump: Flying Ford Explorer Rediscovers Relationship with Gravity

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Everyone has moments when they hate their old truck. There’s that moment when see a drop of rainwater leak past a window seal. Or there’re those moments when—for no apparent reason—it will refuse to start. It might be only a second, but those little gremlins are frustrating. Don’t you just dream of launching the thing off a cliff from time to time?

Sometimes, dreams come true.

A few years back in Wisconsin, a bunch of people got together to live the dream and launch cars off of cliffs. They called the event, the Moravitz Car Launch. It’s a little like a ski jump, except the cars are remote controlled and the jumpers might explode on landing. Fun!

The video below is an old Ford Explorer that had lived out it’s usefulness. Part of me is sad to see the Explorer treated so roughly, but the part of me that’s excited to see it fly a hundred feet is far stronger. Watch this truck earn it’s frequent flier miles below.

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