HUMP DAY JUMP! Dude Rolls His Ford F-150

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Ford F-150

Is That a Bird? No, It’s a Ford F-150!

Jumping is fun. We don’t mean jumping rope, of course. We mean jumping stuff behind the wheel of our Ford vehicles. Because we all do that, right? At least the driver of this Ford F-150 does!

This video is brought to you by austinsey, who’s camera skills could be improved, but we’re just glad he caught the whole thing on video! The rig in question is a Ford F-150, and the jump itself was actually pretty darn impressive. The truck went high into the air, soared for several seconds, and then… let’s just say the landing wasn’t “spot on.” In fact, it was far from it!

The nose of the Ford F-150 hit the ground, and for a moment, the truck was standing vertically on its front bumper. Consequently, the rig rolled and landed on its side. But don’t worry! The driver was fine, and according the person who posted the clip, there was “no damage” to the truck. At least none “that a little wax and buffer won’t fix!”

If I were you, I’d be on the lookout for this truck on Craigslist!

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