HUMP DAY JUMP Beater Ford Aerostar Jumps to Destruction

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We focus so much on trucks here on FTE that we can often forget that our wonderful site also has a section specifically made for the owners of Ford vans. Well, maybe it isn’t so much that we forget but rather that finding videos of Ford vans jumping into the sky really isn’t as easy as finding a clip of, say, a Ford Ranger or Explorer doing the same. After all, most vans are used either to transport family or for work purposes, meaning that they really aren’t great vehicles for off-road joy. But that doesn’t mean they can’t be used that way. In fact, this video of a Ford Aerostar leaping into the wind is very, very fun to watch.

We’ll admit that it’s a beater, and probably the only reason these guys even took it to this jump was to destroy it (which they do), but that doesn’t make watching the chaos unfold any less enjoyable. The first leap that this wise fellow (we say this because he wore a helmet for his daring endeavor) took in the van was decent, and the Aerostar appeared to be fine afterward. That wouldn’t do, of course, so he turned the ride around and jumped again.

The second leap looks painful for both car and driver, but everyone was fine. Well, aside from the Ford. As the guy pulls the van back to his friends, white plumes are rising from under the front of the car. Still, it seemed well worth it to jump an Aerostar like that! Check out the video below and see for yourself!

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