HUMP DAY JUMP! 2017 Ford Raptor Jumps and Slides

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FTE Jump

In the first performance video released of the 2017 Ford Raptor, we get to see it really making some waves. Or, rather, really making some dust clouds! In today’s video we get a chance to see this magnificent machine roaring through an off-road landscape, jumping on the dunes, and sliding through the dirt. Really, there isn’t anything we’d like to see more than this! After all, the Raptor is a rig that is to be admired!

And in this clip, we definitely get to see that. Artistically filmed and wonderful to watch, we’d say that the video illustrated exactly why we’re excited to see the brand new 2017 Raptor hit the streets. Or, rather, the dunes! This ride is clearly capable of just about anything, and that’s not something we say lightly!

Check out the video below and see it’s performance for yourself!

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