HUMP DAY JUMP 2012 Whipple Supercharged Ford Raptor Jumps Over GoPro

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FTE Jump

While oftentimes we tend to judge how entertaining our videos are by the length, height, or showmanship of the jump performed,┬átoday we’ll actually be doing something a little different. In fact, we don’t really know much about this jump in and of itself. However, we do know that the video is, in fact, pretty cool.

The reason for this is that when most people film a truck jumping, they film it from the side so they can get as much of the event as possibly, whereas with this clip, this is simply not the case. Actually, what this guy decided to do is put his GoPro camera on the ground, pointing it toward the incline in the ground from which he plans to jump. In other words, he decided to go with an angle directed from below for his shot of the escapade.

Sure enough, it turns out pretty neat! The ride is a 2012 Whipple Supercharged Ford Raptor, which only increases out enjoyment in watching the video!

Check out the insanity below and watch this Raptor fly overhead!

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