1992 Ford Explorer Jumps High, Lands Hard, and Keeps on Chugging

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FTE Jump

We have to say, we absolutely love videos of Ford trucks jumping. Sometimes they’re impressive, and other times they’re just plain stupid. In addition to these, there are certainly a good chunk of the bunch that we’d say are just lucky, and today’s video would probably fall into this category.

While seeing professionals jump high on sand dunes might be fun, or seeing failure that resulted in an accident or ruined rig might make us shake our heads and laugh, the lucky ones just leave us with a dropped jaw and a look of scorn. After all, everyone knows that luck runs out eventually!

There are two guys in today’s video, one of which is behind the wheels on a 1992 Ford Explorer that will soon be getting airborne, and the other of which is filming the insanity. The cameraman says “oh no,” at the beginning, which are out though exactly. The ramp is large, the Explorer is going fast, and, let’s face it, the driver probably has no idea what he’s doing.

Still, once the rig gets all wheels off the ground, it catches some serious air before coming back down to earth. And it hits hard — but still keeps on driving! Somehow, the driver seems unfazed as well.

Check out the video below and see these lucky guys perform a pretty good leap!

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