HUMP DAY JUMP 1989 F-150 Soars High, Lives to Tell the Tale

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FTE Jump

“Built Ford Tough” is not a saying that just came out of thin air. That saying had credibility; it has substance. Ford makes their trucks tough, and there is no doubt about that. Today’s video proudly proves this point, since this 1989 F-150 came out of this hardcore leap with only a bit more negative camber and nothing more. If that isn’t tough, then we really don’t know what is!

In this clip, the ’89 Ford takes an off-round jump and lands… well, not very gracefully. Then again, no one ever claimed that Ford trucks were graceful! Regardless, it’s pretty neat to see the camouflage rig fly through the air, and it only makes it better when everything goes tumbling out of the bed and spills all over the ground. Maybe next time they take a jump like that they should take that stuff out!

This video certainly displays the strength and durability of these rides, and we’re proud to say that no Chevy could ever do this! Go ahead and watch the video below and enjoy the show!



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