HUMP DAY JUMP Ford Flies High Over a Fence

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1973 Ford Jumps over a Fence

For all of the die hard fans of the classic Ford trucks out there, prepare to close your eyes and to cringe as you watch this guy take his old ’73 Ford for a jump over the fence! Though maybe not the best thing to do to preserve a classic, the ’73 certainly looks good in the air.


Of course, probably the best part of this video is when the tire flies out of the bed of the rig just that the tailgate can scoop it up and throw it right back in. Two points for that.

The truck actually gets pretty decent air and makes it over the fence – even though it bends a few posts when it lands. Still, the Ford keeps on moving so we’ll cross our fingers and hope that there wasn’t any significant damage!

This video might not be the best quality, and the jump shown may not have been the biggest or most spectacular, but this is still very much worth watching.

Take a look at the video below and take heart in knowing that a Chevy could never do that!

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