HUMP DAY JUMP! 1966 Ford Jumps at the Dunes

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FTE Jump

Watching videos of Ford trucks jumping is always a wonderful pastime. Actually, watching videos of Ford trucks is also a pretty great pastime. In fact, watching videos seems to be a rather pleasant way to spend the day. But before we enter into the world of videos and the endless pit of YouTube, we’ll get back on our original subject — Ford truck jumps. Seeing these beasts get airborne is awfully impressive, and we never get sick of it. Who would?

Today’s video is a clip of a old school Ford — a 50-year old, 1966 Ford truck, to be exact — jumping at the dunes. It appears to be well-built, and the mismatched body panels give it a wonderful look. Whether or not it is meant to look like this way¬†or if the ride is still a few steps away from completion, we don’t know. Either way, we’d say it looks pretty good. Of course, we’re not here to admire how it looks!

In the clip, we get to see the rig leap high into the air, and come down without any issue. It flies well for what it is, and we absolutely love it. Check out the video below and see this 50-year old beauty make some waves!

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