How Will Ford Surprise Us in 2016?

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It’s hard to argue that 2015 was the year of Ford. Starting from their performance announcement at the Detroit Auto Show, continuing through the Super Duty announcement at the Texas State Fair, Ford has dominated the news. We have hints of what to expect as 2016 rolls on, but we are wondering what will surprise us, and the public as a whole, for 2016?

Toyota. Yes, I’m talking about Toyota. Toyota’s Bob Carter, shown in the video below, says that his company will have the “most talked about vehicle of the Detroit Auto Show.” Of course, he won’t go into specifics, but let’s just assume it’s a Supra until we’re proven wrong.

Last year the expected big announcement of the show was to be the unveiling of the production version of the Acura NSX (finally), but was overshadowed by the Ford GT reveal. Ford has a tendency to spoil the meticulous planning of other auto makers.

We’re expecting some interesting announcements out of Ford early in the year. We believe it’s possible that Ford will announce, at CES next week, that they’re working with Google on a joint venture for an autonomous car. It’s possible that that’d be a talked about point of the year, but amongst the general public it probably wouldn’t be all that exciting.

Lincoln Continental Concept

We’re also expecting at NAIAS to see the production-version of the Lincoln Continental. It’ll be a cool car, undoubtedly, but Lincoln and Ford are treated separately these days, and a Continental isn’t going to wow the pants off of enthusiasts.

2017 Ford Super Duty Stock Photos - IMG_4594_MR

We’ll also get news throughout the year about the new Super Duty, which we still don’t know a ton of details on (including power and torque figures), and hopefully we’ll get a chance to drive it by the year’s end. While the details might end up being a surprise, we’re already expecting big things.


The same applies to the Raptor. We still don’t know some of the key details of the truck, and it’s always possible for Ford to be working on more stuff for that amazing pickup truck. We’ll also be driving it before the year is out, but something that we already know about doesn’t have the ability to surprise the way that the Ford GT did.

Ford Everest Based Bronco Concept Rendering

Will we finally get official confirmation of a new Ford Ranger? What about the Bronco? Would those be the big news announcements we seek?

The most difficult thing about surprises is that they’re secret. We have no way of knowing in advance what to expect. But as we kick off 2016, we’re hoping that Ford has some interesting news up their sleeves to keep the enthusiasts talking. Whatever that may be, we’ll be sure to pass it along to you.

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Chad Kirchner is a regular contributor to Corvette Forum and Ford Truck Enthusiasts, among other auto sites.

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