How-To: Volant Cold Air Intake, F150 Project Truck

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Author: Ken Payne


Our first modification to our Roush F-150 project truck is the installation of a Volant cold air intake system. The factory intake leaves a lot to be desired in the looks department and we wanted additional power.

Volant’s system uses a sealed box that draws air from both the inner fender and the front area of the truck. The sealed box insures hot under-hood air isn’t drawn into the intake, increasing power, especially on cooler days. The intake has a narrowed channel near the mass air flow sensor. This allows the sensor to have accurate readings across all throttle positions and is a feature we haven’t found on other intakes. The 3-valve 5.4L on the F-150 is notorious for unstable MAF readings with aftermarket intakes and this seems to take care of it. We plan to do some data logging in the future to verify this.

Stock Intake System

The first step is disconnecting the negative battery cable during the installation. This allows the computer to reset and restart its adaptive learning capabilities.

Disconnect the mass air flow sensor and oil breather tube

Remove the bolts holding the stock intake tube

Remove the stock intake tube.

Remove the bracket that held the stock intake tube. This bracket will interfere with the placement of the Volant cold air intake system if not removed.

Remove the four bolts holding the stock filter box and mass air flow sensor.

Remove the stock filter box.

Remove the mass air flow sensor from the stock filter box.

Install the mass air flow sensor on the Volant intake tube. Do not forget to use the supplied rubber gasket. The fit will be extremely poor without it.

Install the rubber seal on the new filter box and place the filter box at the illustrated location. Note: there is a wiring harness in the way that must be disconnected and moved towards the inner fender. The instructions do not include this step. If you do not move the harness the box will not fit.

There are two bolt holes in the bottom of the new filter box. We found it easier to install the Volant box if you install the inner bolt now and second bolt after the new intake tube is installed. This gives you room to move the box around when fitting the new tube in place.

Install the rubber boot on the throttle body side of the Volant intake tube, then place the intake tube on the throttle body.

Install the rubber boot on the air filter box side of the intake tube. Line everything up and tighten up the clamps.

Install the mass air flow sensor wiring.

Install the supplied oil breather tube to the intake tube and the stock fitting on the valve cover.

Next, install the second bolt in the air box and tighten both.

Install the air filter and tighten the clamp.

Install the filter box cover.

The completed installation. It added a great look to an otherwise drab engine bay.

At this point, visually inspect the system for leaks. We have an additional test for leaks that we’ve used with success in the past. Start the engine and with a 4-5 foot piece of garden hose run one end of the hose around the fittings while listening at the other end. If you listen carefully and cover your other ear you should be able to detect most leaks.

The results? As expected, on the low end the factory system breathes well enough and we didn’t notice any difference. However, as the engine increase RPMs there is a noticeable gain in power. Granted, it’s not a supercharger (that’s in the works!) but bang for the buck it does a good job. In the early mornings and evenings when the Georgia temperatures cool off the performance is really noticeable due to the design of the cold air inlet.

Concerning sound”¦. if you enjoy the sound of a 4 barrel carburetor opening up you’re going to like this intake. At wide open throttle it gives a nice throaty roar to the engine.

If you’re looking for some added punch from the throttle, good looks, great sound and you want an intake that yields accurate MAF readings you can’t go wrong with the Volant cold air intake.

– Ken Payne

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