How to Split a Ford Ranger in Two

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FTE Jump

A Ford truck jumping isn’t exactly an art. There are those who do it professional and aim to break records and others who do it just for fun.

Still, there are certain things that most of these drivers, regardless of their past experience in the unusual try, tend to do. One of these things is that they¬†prepare — a lot of times but lining up their ride, getting a start from a certain distance, and hitting a specific speed. The driver of the Ford Ranger that’s featured in today’s video doesn’t seem to have done any of these things.

In fact, the Ford Ranger appears to just plow toward the jump with the least amount of elegance of readiness as could be possible. He hits the gas, hits the jump, and, as one might expect, comes in for a rough landing. Oddly enough, the ride just keeps on rolling until it seems to nosedive into the area that, according to those holding the camera, is the creek!

Apparently the impact actually split the frame of the Ranger in half, which is a feat in and of itself. Check out the video below and see this chaotic leap go down!

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