How to Make a Ford Raptor SVT Fly

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Sometimes it seems like we hear about the Ford Raptor all the time, whereas other times it feels like we barely hear about it at all. Though rather uncommon compared to other Ford trucks that are out there (such as the F-150, Ranger, and Explorer), these bad boys tend to make many more waves than your average daily driver or work truck would.

After all, not all rigs are created equal — especially when it comes to their off-road capability! And at least in term of coming well-equipped from the factory, the Raptor takes the cake in this arena.

We’ve seen it time and time again where a Raptor leaps to success, showing off the amazing suspension and sheer ability that it possesses.

Today is no different than that, as we see this Ford Raptor SVT take flight at the Silver Lake sand dunes! The many different camera angles and HD quality make the clip even better, and we’re glad for it!

Check out the video below and see this Raptor road through the skies!

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