How to Lower Your Ford Truck’s Spare Tire

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Like many other pickups and truck-based SUVs, the Ford F-150 stores its spare tire underneath the truck bed and utilizes a pulley mechanism to raise and lower it. How to access it can require a little practice.

Access the Floor Jack

For starters, you have to gather the floor jack and other tools necessary to get the job done. On most Ford F-150s these tools are located underneath or behind the rear bench seat. You may need to lift up the back seat and remove a couple of trim covers to access them.

Unlock Spare

The Ford F-150 is equipped with a wheel lock or “spare tire lock” to prevent thieves from easily stealing your spare tire and wheel. The key to unlock this can vary depending on model year. It could be a designated metal key attached to your ignition key, or an actual wheel lock key.

Lower Spare

Once unlocked, insert the assembled rod into the pulley opening, and simply crank the handle to lower the spare tire. The more you crank the more the tire will lower and eventually be able to be removed.

Watch this informative video by Coldlakefordtube to see all of these steps in action!

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