How to Drift a Ford F-150 in the Snow

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It was 49 degrees at my house in Michigan last night and before long, the snow will being falling in many places around the United States so for this week’s video, I found a clip of a Ford F-150 playing around in deep snow. Really, many of the trucks that we feature in our segment are going a whole lot faster, but who doesn’t love playing in the snow with a powerful pickup? People who live where it never snows – that’s who – but for the rest of us, this is one positive aspect to the winter weather.


The owner of this Ford F-150 has a GoPro camera and moves it all over the inside and outside of the truck as he, and a few other truck owners, play around in what appears to be very deep snow. From sliding around snow-covered roads to plowing through deep, unplowed parking lots, this F-150 driver uses four wheel drive to make the most of the winter weather.

The only downside is that there is some lackluster rap music playing over the video so if you don’t like rap, this video is best viewed with the sound turned down.

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