How Now, Brown Cow? Check Out the Brown Ford Bronco!

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Ford Bronco - 01-SaddleBronze-003

What’s more exciting than the idea of Ford bringing the Bronco back in 2018? Getting to look at awesome Broncos from the past as we reminisce about the good old days. Why are we reminiscing when a new one could be on its way? Because odds are the new one won’t be anything that you expect.

We’ve featured Classic Ford Broncos a few times here, and we’re here again today to show off another beautiful Bronco that they’ve restored. On Twitter, after sharing the Lamborghini Green one last week, someone asked about the Bronco in a beautiful brown color. As it turns out, one of the Broncos that they’ve done is in a great shade of brown.

Ford Bronco - SaddleBronze-020

Sure, if you want a Bronco like this, expect to pay between $75,000 and $125,000 for the privilege of owning one, but some of the testimonials mention that they get more attention in their Bronco than they would in a Lamborghini. Can you put a price on looking good?

Well, apparently you can, and it’s $75,000. But I digress.

Check out this other epic gallery of a beautifully restored Ford Bronco for your daily entertainment, and let us know what you thing about this beauty over in the forums!


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