This Is NOT How You Load or Unload a Ford Truck

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Everyone makes mistakes, but hopefully not this badly!

Fail videos are great. Everyone loves them because it doesn’t matter how bad their day is going, there’s always someone having it worse. Of course, this also applies to loading and unloading Ford trucks — or any kind of vehicle for that matter.

If you own a truck, you’re probably familiar with all the bad things that could result from trying to load and unload things. Whether it’s trying to drive an ATV up a ramp, or pushing a motorcycle into the bed of a truck, the slightest wrong move could be disastrous. Not to mention the chaos that can result from loading the truck itself onto a flatbed or boxed truck.

This series of fail-videos will help you see just how bad someone’s day can get. So even if you cringe at the memory of a previous failed attempt, you can still watch this video and think about how easy you had it. Especially compared to the guy that rammed two heavy duty metal ramps into his Ford Super Duty dually.

Let us know about the worst loading and unloading experience you’ve ever had!

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