Hot Wheels Legends Tour-winning Rat Wrecker to Get its Own Model

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flamed out rat wrecker hotwheels legends winner

Truck owner received vehicle in exchange for helping a friend with a roofing job, and now it’ll soon be in 1:64 scale.

It’s a place where we have all been at some point. As a young kid, we find ourselves playing with model cars, dreaming of someday driving their bigger brethren as we zoom them across the floor by hand. For some of us, those daydreams vanish, but for Vin Irwin, he never let go. Leaning up against his 1954 Ford 2-ton rat wrecker, he exclaims, “I played with Hot Wheels when I was younger. Probably was the inspiration for this truck right here!”

Irwin’s pride was boosted significantly when the Hot Wheels Legends tour visited Bentonville, Arkansas. For Irwin, it was another cool car show to go to. However, the Hot Wheels judges instantly saw a “Hot Wheels” toy car in Irwins ride.

Flamed Out Rat Wrecker Takes Home the Win at Legends Tour Bentonville

Bentonville’s Legends Tour winner brought the heat with his flamed out Rat Wrecker – do you think this ride has what it takes to become an official Hot Wheels car? #HotWheelsLegends

Check out the Hot Wheels Facebook page to see if the tour is coming to a city near you. Your car could get the chance to become an official Hot Wheel!

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Posted by Race Service on Tuesday, June 26, 2018

“Crazy looking dragsters and stuff that you’d run on the Hot Wheels tracks you thought was real neat but you’d never get to see. That’s what HotWheels is all about,” Irwin says about his ride. Apart from the wild body work, it’s surprisingly docile in the details. When talking about the hardware, Irwin states it has, “Original motor, original transmission, original front end, original rear end.”

But sometimes it’s the appearance that matters most, and that’s exactly why the judges loved it. Creativity and unique design of the rat wrecker caught the attention of the judges, and best of all, the win came as a total surprise to Irwin, who drives the truck regularly. “No I didn’t think I’d win today, I was just coming for the car show.”

Reflecting on his work, he says, “you build it, you appreciate it; but then you get a Hot Wheels car made out of it? It will immortalize your truck, and its around forever. It’s the coolest thing a builder can do is have a Hot Wheels car made out of your build!”

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