How to Restore a 1940 Ford Pickup Frame

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In a lot of ways, the classics are the best. The bold and soft lines of the Ford trucks from the ‘30s and early’40s are still regarded as some of the most beautiful to ever grace a pickup.

It’s these looks combined with a great heritage that makes these trucks ripe candidates for hot rods and resto-mods. Sadly, not everyone who grabs one of these trucks modifies them correctly.

If you pick up a truck that has already seen some work done, prepare yourself for the absolute worst.


Thankfully there is very little damage that could ever be deemed “beyond repair” and recently Hot Rod Network posted up an awesome how-to on restoring a hacked frame from a 1940 pickup. This piece is the first of a two part segment and it covers the entire rear end. They are using a full kit from Chassis Engineering that features a bolt-on parallel leaf-spring setup.

The entire process is just 23 steps long, and each step comes with nice high-resolution photos. If you want to learn what goes into making a hot-rod like this, or if you have hit a snag in your own project, this may be exactly what you need to start making progress again.

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Via Hot Rod Network

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