Heavily Modified Ford Super Duty: Hot or Not?

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ford-trucks.com Heavily Modified Ford F-250 Super Duty

Did the folks behind this F-250 go too far with cosmetic add-ons?

Whether for personal or business reasons, Ford Super Duty owners tend to modify their trucks. There’s always a good chance you’ll see one of the trucks with aftermarket wheels and tires, perhaps even a lift. You might spot a workhorse Super Duty with a headache rack and/or an aftermarket toolbox in the back. Now that custom wraps are so popular, it’s likely you’ll come across a giant one covering a Super Duty. It’s fact that cosmetic alterations are popular on the Ford Super Duty. Whether or not they look good is a subjective matter. That’s why we’re asking you for your opinions on this particular Super Duty that we ran across on Reddit.

There’s a good chance this is a show truck used by the Fab Fours parts company because so many of the cosmetic additions look just like what Fab Fours sells. Whoever happens to own this truck added an extreme grille/winch bumper combo to the front end. Up top, there’s a pronounced, vision-reducing cowl around the windshield that’s topped with an LED light bar. The owner of this creation also swapped out the Super Duty’s OEM wheels and tires for aftermarket hardware wrapped in grippy rubber. The wheel arch extensions seem to have been designed with just a ruler. Those are bridged by pairs of assist steps painted to match the F-250’s gold body.

As you can imagine, Reddit users have already sounded off on this truck. They shared their thoughts about it in a thread called “Shitty Car Mods,” which is a bit misleading. Sure, there are negative comments, such as:

“I’d start by running away. Screaming, possibly.”

“Kill it with fire.”

and, one that gets straight to the point:

“Super doo-doo.”

However, many of the comments are positive, including:

“What’s wrong with it?.. looks badass imo”

“That’s dope, dude.”


“Honestly, that’s actually cool.”

Several people say this truck looks as if it’s out of a movie or video game. We see it in that light, too. Its over-the-top look brings Dwayne Johnson‘s rig from Fast Five to mind:

Just paint this flat black or grey, armour the lights and mirrors, and debadge it, and it could look as if it drove off the set of an action or sci-fi movie. What do you think? Is there hope for this truck or would it have been better off left stock?

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