Hot Ford Trucks of the ‘Net: F-150 Is a Beauty to Behold

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New F-150 Low Front

Who can resist a true-blue Ford girl?

There’s a lot to love about the Instagram profile of Charlene Kohler. This Blue Oval fan is all fun, family, and Ford. And she’s got a lot to admire…in her new Ford F-150. Kohler’s account is unassuming, and just shows a regular Ford truck lover living her life, and showing off a sweet ride.

Mirror Image

She’s a recent college graduate who spends a lot of time at the gym, and loves her F-150. She’s especially fond of posing in the truck bed and tailgate. Honestly, she could show off her truck a little more, but we suspect that most of the people reading this will be just fine with the pictures she’s posted!

This Ford girl drives a new pickup and she posts it with some of our favorite hashtags: #F150, #truckporn, and #girlswhodrivetrucks.

F-150 Tailgate Down

Give her a follow on Instagram at charlenekohler1 for a closer look at this lovely young lady, oh yeah, and her Ford truck.

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