Hot Ford Trucks of the ‘Net: ’90s F-150 PreRunner Strikes a Pose

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Jordan with the 93 F-150

The F-150 might belong to her boyfriend, but Instagrammer prerunnerjordan shows it off like it is her own.

While trolling for F-150’s on Instagram, we stumbled across the account of prerunnerjordan. This lovely young lady uses the account to showcase a modified Ford F-150. And while this truck might actually belong to her boyfriend, she knows how to show it off a whole lot better than he does.

According to her Instagram bio, prerunnerjordan is “just a girl who grew up loving/working on (her) own trucks and cars”. She shows off a lot of love for the 1993 Ford F-150 owned by her boyfriend jackwabbit, often by posing with the truck.

Jordan on the F-150

This account is only a few weeks old, but she has already added a handful of pictures of the truck and of herself posing, all of which are worth a few moments of your time. The Instagram account doesn’t include any details on this 1993 Ford F-150, but the pictures provide all of the information that we need. The truck appears to have a long-arm suspension system, extending the beadlock wheels and huge off-road tires well out beyond the edge of the sheet metal. This F-150 is wider than stock, and it also sits higher than the average ’93 half-ton Ford to achieve the proper prerunner look.

Prerunner F-150

This big F-Series also has a cool off-road front bumper, a set of Shelby-esque minimal stripes on the corner of the hood, and hood pins–because everyone loves hood pins.

The truck looks great, but when coupled with the lovely Instagrammer, this 1993 Ford F-150 is sure to turn heads at any truck meet.

Bronco II

Best of all, in addition to the F-150, prerunnerjordan also likes to play with a rear-wheel-drive Bronco II and she includes that truck as well.

Click here to check out Jordan’s account.


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