Hoonigan’s Hot Rod Power Tour Project F-100 – Part 1

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Hoonigan has decided to enter the Hot Rod Power Tour and follow it until conclusion, but being who they are, they couldn’t just get a brand new F-150 or something simple. No, instead they are going to take on the trek in a classic Ford F-100 4WD that they picked up in the California desert. It’s going to be improved slightly but mostly what you see is what they are going to drive. Think you could do it?

This has actually been a project the Hoonigans have been in search of for some time, a classic Ford truck with four-wheel-drive that they can take and beat around in. However, the first step is to get it in far better condition that it is in right now.

It’s not a bad truck and has had only two owners: Hoonigan and the original owner. That’s it. It even has the original Galpin sticker from when it was bought at the dealership on the rear window. Though, it does need some servicing.

The valve cover leaks oil pretty bad…

There are holes in some parts of the floorboard and while the bench seat looks good with the cover on it…

Yeah, there’s mostly just springs left in the carcass.

If there is one very impressive part, it’s the original AC system that was installed and is the type that F-100 and desert truck owners clamor for. They’ve been given offers several times but are going to keep this system for now.

However, if it does go out the original vent still works but is pretty much full of dust.

We’ll have more coming on this truck just before they go off to the Hot Rod Power Tour but for now, drool over this rather good looking classic truck. Well, good looking considering it’s been sitting in the desert for a long time.

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