Throwback Thursday: Explorer Sport Trac Becomes Online Sensation

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2004 Explorer Sport Trac stars in a must-watch Lincoln/McConaughey parody.

If you watch television with any regularity, you’re likely familiar with the Lincoln commercials featuring Matthew McConaughey. Besides strange, the ads often have the actor having an odd conversation with himself, or a bull standing on the road while making odd gestures with his hand. There are many spoofs made of the McConaughey/Lincoln commercials, but none are quite like this.

This homemade video pokes fun at the Super Bowl commercial, while also talking up the seldom-unloved Sport Trac.

sport trac

The Ford Explorer Sport Trac was available for 10 years, but like the other Sports Utility Trucks (SUTs), it was constantly the subject of ridicule from the truck world. Based on the popular Explorer, the Sport Trac essentially combined the cabin of the famous SUV with a small cargo bed. It was basically a midsize pickup truck, which was roomier and more capable than the Ford Ranger and other similar pickups from the competition.

Even with such strong credentials, the SUV-based pickup wasn’t “truck enough” for the critics, and this homemade video references that point. The young lady driving speaks dramatically about her Explorer pickup, and how it has plenty of room for her friends (a dog), while defending the fact that it’s indeed a truck – not an SUV.

Now, keep in mind we’re not telling you this will make you laugh, or even hit the “share” button. But we simply think it’s a rather unique take on the forgotten Sport Trac

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