Holiday Gift Idea: Exhaust Air Jack

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Titan Exhaust Air Jack

Are you running out of gift ideas as the holiday season nears its end? Here’s something you can stuff into a large stocking: It’s called the Titan Exhaust Air Jack, and it uses exhaust gas to lift your vehicle. All you do is place the inflatable bladder under your car/truck, connect the hose to the exhaust pipe, and the bag will begin to inflate, thus raising your vehicle. You don’t even have to rev your engine, and within a couple of minutes, you have a completely lifted vehicle. After that, turn off your engine and the bag will remain inflated, holding the vehicle for hours. When you’re done changing a tire, applying snow chains, or getting unstuck while off-roading, you can deflate the exhaust air jack in as little as five seconds.

If this sounds like a great gift to you, consider some caveats: The exhaust air jack works for round exhaust outlets only, and certain dual-exhaust systems may route exhaust pressure to the other side of the vehicle, thus preventing inflation.

Look to pay about $115 for an exhaust air jack rated at four tons. The three-ton model was actually more expensive at $142 according to the Consumer Reports review.

Will this replace your conventional jack? No, but it is an interesting way to lift a vehicle, and perfect for off-roading. Type “Exhaust Air Jack” in your preferred search engine to find out how to get one.

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