HitchSafe Key Vault

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It happens so easy. Your keys are locked in your truck, or worse yet, somehow you lost your keys. It never happens at a convenient time. Until today there have been 5 choices if you lost your keys or accidentally locked them in your truck:

1. Find a coat hanger and try not to scratch the truck. This doesn't work well any more.

2. Magnetic key tin, every thief knows where to look, and good luck finding it still there when you really need it.

3. Call a locksmith and pay up the nose.

4. Call your spouse to bring the spare key, while wasting 2 hours and both of you ending up angry.

5. Use a brick”¦ effective, but not recommended.

Not anymore. Finally, there's a safe, secure method to store spare keys”¦ Your HitchSafeTM Key Vault. For additional information visit www.NeverLockedOut.com.

Introducing HitchSafeâ„¢ Key Vault, the ideal place to hide your keys and know where they are when you need them the most. It simply slides into a standard 2-inch hitch receiver on most SUVs, Pickups, Vans, and RVs. The HitchSafeâ„¢ Key Vault is secured inside the receiver hitch which itself is a solid steel vault, when combined with the HitchSafeâ„¢Key Vault , every user now has the peace of mind that their spare keys are in the most secure and convenient location available.

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