Ford’s Venture Into the World of EVs Began 50 Years Ago

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With a hybrid F-150 in the works, we explore Ford’s EV technology development from half a century ago.

The Ford Motor Company shocked the world when they announced an F-150 and Mustang hybrid variants earlier this year. The electrified icons of the industry are due in 2020, and will surely shape the market when it comes to drivetrains.


Although most of the general public wasn’t exposed to hybrids and EVs (electric vehicles) until about a decade ago, Ford has been tinkering with battery-powered cars for half a century. Take for example, the tiny Ford Comuta.

The Comuta was a small (even by European standards) coupe that could travel 40 miles on a single charge. As one would expect, the tiny electric box wasn’t very powerful — with a top speed of about 25 mph. While such characteristics are laughable by today standards, one must remember the Comuta launched during the summer of 1967. Just think about how much technology has evolved in 50 years!


Fast forward to 2017, and Ford has vowed to deliver a half-dozen or so of electrified (hybrid) and electric (EV) vehicles by 2020, including the almighty F-150. While most of us don’t like to hear how our beloved V8s are disappearing, there’s no doubt that the future is here — and it’s electric.

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