Hip to Be Square: Ford Trucks Going Places Where They May Not Fit In

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Ford Trucks

Have you ever driven your old pickup somewhere and immediately felt out of place? You aren’t the only one.

If you own an old Ford truck, you’ve undoubtedly noticed it. You drive your classic ride to any number of fancy establishments, take a look around, and suddenly feel a little out of place. Maybe it’s the local restaurant valet line, or an upscale shopping center. The well-dressed folks around you might stare, wondering who in the world would drive an old Ford truck instead of some newfangled crossover. But you know better, of course.

Ford Truck Enthusiasts member 9thPony noticed this strange phenomenon recently, and started this fascinating thread for members to share their own awkward Ford truck photos. “So I drove my Dentside to Silicon Valley to drop off my table saw at a co-worker’s house,” he said. “Grabbed a picture from my building of it in the parking lot. It was out of place for sure with Google across the street. Light rail, electric cars, and high end luxury sedans driving next to me most of the ride.”

Ford Trucks

He’s not the only one, of course. Mech Anon lives not too far away, but doesn’t mind leaving his Ford truck proudly sitting outside. “I live in San Francisco and park mine in my driveway. Fits in here about as well as I do. Like a square peg in a round hole.”

Ford Trucks

Then there’s HIO Silver, who actually has a collection where the Ford trucks (and Mustang) aren’t the ones out of place.

Ford Trucks

So far, this thread is off to a fantastic (and highly entertaining) start. But we know for a fact that most of you have experienced this “fish out of water” feeling at one point in your life. So head over here, tell us about it, and be sure and upload a picture of your old Ford truck trying to fit in where it obviously doesn’t!

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