Hillbilly Engineering: The F-150 Woodsplitter

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Marcus Slater

Ford Trucks

Human ingenuity never ceases to amaze. Sure we’ve been to the moon and to the bottom of the ocean, but this guy has contributed a more practical advancement to our species. Axes? Old fashioned. Saws? Obsolete. All you need is a truck, and a giant screw. Boom. Instant wood splitter.

Okay, maybe it’s not the safest way to go about doing this, but it’s definitely the manliest. The entire apparatus looks like some medieval torture device or like the wheel of some vicious war chariot. Of course we wouldn’t suggest following the example of this makeshift-whirlygig-of death. That wheel doesn’t look too stable, and we cringe every time this guy goes by that thing bare handed. Honestly we were expecting this video to end a lot worse than it did, but that doesn’t mean it ends well.

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