The Funniest Ford Ranger Review You’ll Ever See

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The guys from Mighty Car Mods take a Ford Ranger off-road in New Zealand.

Let’s face it, most truck review videos are a bit dry. They’re often formatted the same way, and feel much more like a school lesson than an entertaining bit of footage. That’s the exact opposite approach the guys from Mighty Car Mods take with their Ford Ranger. Sure, there’s a truck review buried in the video, but honestly, this is a travel documentary about two hopeless outdoorsmen.

After landing by helicopter in the middle of nowhere in New Zealand, the two guys hike until they reach their Ford Ranger. These folks are mainly known for their car videos, but never have they reviewed a four-wheel drive vehicle. So, they get behind the wheel and put the Ranger through its paces. Rivers, mountains, and mud are all featured while they attempt to find the Ranger’s limits.


They can’t even stop the Ranger when they decide to drive against the current in a river, all while fishing from the passenger side window! As you might expect, that particular fishing trip wasn’t very fruitful. While the video is close to 30-minutes-long, Ford truck fans will laugh and shake their heads as they watch these two guys do their best to become off-roading masters.

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