Watch a Hilarious Ford Explorer Police Interceptor Video Review

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Explorer cop car receives the  hilarious ‘Regular Car Review’ treatment.

Admit it — you’ve always wanted to drive a cop car. Almost everyone has some sort of fantasy involving flashing lights, intercoms, and sliding across the hood like a badass. Just forget about the bushy mustache, please. Oh, and be sure to stretch properly before you try jumping fences, because you might just pull a groin muscle.

While we dream about tooling around and busting baddies, we can enjoy this video review of a 2014 Ford Explorer Police Interceptor. This isn’t your typical technical review by some prominent publication, however, it’s the latest in a long series of “Regular Car Reviews,” completed in a not-too-serious manner. If you’ve never seen one, you’re in for a treat! They’re hilarious, highly entertaining, and somewhat awkward.

Explorer Police Interceptor

This particular Explorer Police Interceptor still sees use in service, but it’s privately owned by a firefighter. Unfortunately it’s the naturally aspirated, non-EcoBoost model, which means that it’s disappointingly slow, so you’re not going to chase down any criminals in performance cars.

On another negative note, riding around in one of these things all day might make you develop an affinity for country music, but at least you’ll convey a sense of authority everywhere you go. Heck, the driver even drew nervous looks from scores of drivers while cruising around.

Lastly, we get a little side of social commentary to go along with our main course of actual car review. It makes us realize that maybe we should just leave this police stuff to the professionals!

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