eBay Find: Old-School and High-Dollar RC F-350 Monster Truck!

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Japanese die-cast manufacturer, Tamiya, has been building high-end radio control cars for years, and along the way, they’ve released several models based on Ford pickup trucks. From their first Ford truck release – an F-150 Ranger in 1981 – to models like the Blackfoot and Midnight Pumpkin – Tamiya has almost always had a Ford pickup truck in their lineup, and has recently begun reissuing discontinued older kits.
One they haven’t reissued, however, is the massive Juggernaut 2 monster truck, which wears an F-350 body. Since Tamiya is first and foremost a plastic model kit company, even the highest-performing R/C car kits they offer function as detailed scale models when not in use. This attention to detail has endeared them to fans the world over, and there is a rabid following for their discontinued kits.


This rc kit originally sold for $589, and is still in the shrink wrap and has never been opened before. I can’t be alone when I say that I would have had a hard time not slicing open the plastic wrap and opening the box to check out the body, the big tires, and the chassis parts, many of which are aluminum.


The current owner’s discipline has paid off, however, as they are able to ask an eye-watering $1,795 for the kit in this condition. Judging by the nearly forty watchers on the auction, they can’t be too far off when it comes to pricing.For those of us who want to try the hobby for ourselves – maybe build a small replica of our full-size rc trucks to keep us occupied over the coming winter – there are several more affordable options thanks to the Tamiya reissues. Let’s leave this one to the collectors.

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