High Caliber Crafted Restomod 1957 Ford Ranchero

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Car guys have stigmas against buying first-year, first-generation cars though finding one selling like this ‘57 Ford Ranchero completed restomod could change traditions. This Ranchero’s restoration-modification project was done by Ford aftermarket specialist Larry Evenson, founder of nationally-known Concours Parts in Carson City, Nevada.

Later this month, Auctions America is tossing their auction event in Santa Monica where you’ll have the chance to bid on this almost-edible Ranchero reeling in an estimated $30K to $35K.

No definitive data in the auction listing whether Mr. Evenson of Nevada did the work personally, his team of experts or even when the project was finished. Putting that aside this is a piece of art in motion regarding the caliber of craftsmanship to the paint, body, interior and engine. Concours Parts prepared a supreme list of equipment which matches well fitting the vehicle properly achieving that desired look Evenson wanted.

He targeted to add enough present-day parts for this first-gen Ranchero to be a driver yet retain that vintage American industrial beauty. It wasn’t just choosing components that work well together, it was the fine detailed handwork that makes this Ford speak for itself. Even if you didn’t know a well-known pro did the restomod a novice could appreciate the clean reconstruction.

Selected for this specific build was a Ford’s big body 428 cubic inch V8 engine connected to their reliable C6 automatic transmission ready to push this puppy. Whether hauling a full payload or just hauling ass, Ford power is sent through a 9” rear end. Applying energy out to the road by a set of McLean chrome wire wheels shodded in gorgeous white walled Coker radial tires completes the powertrain in the fashionable way. If you live in the Santa Monica area at the end of June stop by Auctions America’s stable to check out this two-tone wonder.

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