Here’s How to Make a Tired Craigslist Ranger Look Awesome

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It’s not Ferrari badge. It’s not the blacked-out steel wheels. It’s not Grand Sport quarter panel stripes. Nope, none of that is what makes this Ranger look cool. That credit goes entirely to the the person behind /’hafast/ Photography.

His name is Larry Chavarria, and he’s a man with a cam who is based in Houston. He’s selling a 1998 Ford Ranger with a whopping 268,000 miles on it, and yet the truck still looks badass and ready to romp, thanks to his lighting and setting skills. For $2,500, it seems like you could do a lot worse.

The truck might have a ton of mileage, but according to the listing, a lot of the truck has much less wear and tear. Chavarria lists that it has new tires, a new battery, a new timing belt, a newer windshield, and a newish plastic bed liner. But the important part lies here: The engine, rear end, slave cylinder, and the clutch were all replaced at 200,000. So, in reality, the engine is still a little pup with plenty of energy for play and work.

If you’re looking for a simple work beater in Texas, this could be a good option.


via [Craigslist]

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