F-150 Convertible Is A Cut Above

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Ford F-150 convertible

Newport Convertible Engineering Brings Back the Awesome ’80s with Soft Top F-150 Convertible

Remember the 1980s, when Americans couldn’t get enough convertibles? Our thirst for drop-tops far exceeded the supply of them from automakers. This led to the rise of coachbuilders, who popped up with Sawzalls in hand, ready to fill the void. Soon you could convert pretty much anything into a rag top. Even something you would never expect to see, like an F-150 convertible.

Ford F-150 convertible

That spirit is alive and well today, thanks to Newport Convertible Engineering in Huntington Beach, California. It’s only fitting that they began chopping tops back in 1983, but they’re not your typical hack job coachbuilder. Their quality and attention to detail is apparent in their conversions, which is why the company has stood the test of time.

Which brings us back to that F-150 convertible. Most sane folks will wonder why anyone would ever want such a Frankentruck. Others will obviously voice concerns over the lack of structural rigidity. Some might even liken it to a home brewed version of a new Bronco pickup. But more than likely, the owner of the truck probably just likes trucks. And convertibles.

Ford F-150 convertible

And that’s exactly the spirit that spawned the convertible movement some 30 years ago. Everybody dreamed of driving down the strip with their roof peeled back while wearing huge Ray-Ban sunglasses, cranking up some Motley Crue and letting their poofy, hair spray-drenched ‘do flap in the breeze.

Whatever the motivation, there’s bound to be a couple of readers out there who might be interested in surgically removing the roof from their F-150. And if you are, rest assured that even though you (hopefully) might not have that wavy hairdo anymore, you can still get a custom coachbuilt F-150 convertible.

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