Hennessey Pits VelociRaptor 600 HP Against Stock F-150 Raptor

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As much as I love comparing statistics and ooh-ing and ahh-ing over numbers, there’s really no better way to illustrate superiority than a direct comparison.

Hennessey is great at making things fast; the 600 horsepower on the VelociRaptor is proof of that. That’s impressive, but it’s much more impressive when you can see exactly how far the Raptor gets left behind in a drag race.

Obviously, the Raptor isn’t really meant to be a drag race machine. That’s fine. It’s still pretty damn quick. Besides, it’s always entertaining to watch trucks move faster than it looks like they should. And if this VelociRaptor 600 isn’t fast enough, Hennessey also has a model that makes 800 horsepower.

When you absolutely, positively, need to be doing triple digit speeds off-road (or on-road), there is no better option. Except, maybe, this guy.

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