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VelociRaptor Stig 2

A couple of weeks ago, Top Gear featured a very yellow and very supercharged Hennessy VelociRaptor. During the studio segments, the modified Raptor was on display. Turns out, The Stig did take it for a lap around the Top Gear test track and it was filmed.

Unfortunately, it didn’t make the show, and we aren’t sure on the official time, but here’s the video in all of its supercharged glory.

Because it’s Great Britain, it means it rained before the lap. The Dunsfold Aerodrome track is completely soaked, which slowed The Stig down, but did allow for some awesome sideways antics.

If the allegations that Jeremy Clarkson punched a producer in the face over a steak dinner are true, this Power Lap might end up being one of the last ones we ever see from Top Gear. The rest of this season has already been cancelled, and Clarkson himself isn’t even sure he’s still a presenter on the program according to his Twitter profile.



Regardless of what you think about Clarkson or Top Gear, watching a VelociRaptor lap a track is just plain awesome. Surprisingly, this isn’t even the most ridiculous thing that has lapped the track before. That honor would probably go to the Renault Avantime.

VelociRaptor Stig 1

The Raptor wasn’t really designed for this work, but watching it is pretty epic. Let us know what you think in the forums!

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