A Mighty Hauk Bronco Is All You Need for Winter Time!

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Hauk Ford Bronco

Like all seasonal products, you’ll get a better deal on this Bronco when the weather is still warm. Wait for the cold, and it’ll be too late.

If you’re an avid viewer of the History channel’s Road Hauks, you already know what this wild Bronco is all about. Built as a search and rescue vehicle for a local ski resort, the Hauk Ford Bronco is easily one of the more ambitious builds to come out of the Pennsylvania-based Hauk Designs. And most likely one of the more capable as well.

Gifted with a rotted-out rig, Hauk quickly discovered that the base of their build was too far gone to fix. So, they did what any (in)sane person would do and ordered an entire new Bronco, piece by piece, from a catalog. Obviously, putting together all the pieces wasn’t exactly an easy process, but with more than a little perseverance they pulled it off.

Hauk Ford Bronco

To make the Hauk Ford Bronco capable of traversing deep snow and hilly terrain with ease, the team settled on a set of tracks. Thankfully, they’re easily swapped out for “normal” rolling stock for a quick summer beer run. This fully rebuilt Bronco still has all the goodies like hydro assist steering and an Icon coilover suspension. Not to mention beefed up axles and driveshafts to handle whatever Mother Nature throws your way. A tried-and-true Coyote crate 5.0L V8 provides reliable power, with a 4R70W tranny behind it for easy cruising.

Hauk Ford Bronco

Even without the tracks, this Bronco looks rather menacing thanks to a matte gray and epoxy black-coated exterior. The theme certainly serves a visual and functional purpose, but the inside swaddles you in comfort thanks to heated leather Cordoba seats. Ultimately, the Hauk Ford Bronco proved to be up to the task it was designed for – and now it can do the same for you!

If we had the cash, we’d certainly help out any stranded Chevys we came across on our local trails. Or at least wave to them when we roll by!

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