Has the Next-Gen Ford Ranger Already Been Leaked?

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2022 Ford Ranger

Mysterious images surface on the web, and they sure look like the 2022 Ranger. Here’s our take on the hot rumor.

To us Americans, the 2019 Ford Ranger is an all-new product. But in the grand scheme of things, it’s already an established platform. The U.S. Ranger is in fact a little different from its global brother, but it still rides on a platform that’s been around since 2011. Ford was obviously in a hurry to get this legendary nameplate back on American dealer lots, so waiting until the next-gen redesign obviously wasn’t in the cards.

So even though the Ranger is just closing out its first couple of months on sale here in the States, in reality, it’s not too far off from a redesign. Especially when you consider the fact that the F-150 and Super Duty receive at least a minor facelift every two to three years in the hotly contested truck market. So, it’s certainly worth wondering whether this report from Australia’s Wheels magazine is in fact indicative of what the next Ranger will look like.

The mag claims that it received images from a photographer who spied the truck in a Melbourne suburb. Obviously, you won’t find any Blue Oval or Ranger badges on this mystery pickup featured in the Wheels article. But the styling cues closely resemble what we’re seeing on current Ford products, particularly the just-refreshed 2020 Super Duty lineup. So, it’s either the next Ranger or perhaps a China automaker’s latest attempt at ripping off someone else’s styling cues.


There’s no real way of knowing whether or not this is some sort of early leak of the next Ford Ranger. The only thing we know for certain is that the next-gen Ranger is due around 2022, and that it will be made in America.


With that in mind, we had our own resident artist, Pratyush Rout, draw up what he thinks the next-gen Ford Ranger might look like. It too features Ford’s signature twin-bar grille, which intersects the C-shaped headlights. A pair of vertical bars on the bumper give it an extra-tough look. Overall, the body lines are more in line with both the current F-150 and Super Duty pickups.

2022 Ford Ranger

There are, of course, just a couple of problems with the photos Wheels provided. They almost look like renderings, and likely have been altered somewhat. The background looks to have been darkened, presumably to disguise the vehicle’s location. But you can clearly see reflections in the hood, as well as objects like a wheel dolly and pallets in the background. No telling what else has been changed, but these images are clearly altered.

Otherwise, this sure looks like a Ford product. The center of the grille appears to hold an oval-shaped badge. The fog lights are square, a signature Blue Oval design. The rear bumper and taillights also look very much like the ones fitted to the current Ranger.

In the end, there’s no real way of knowing whether or not this is some sort of terribly early leak. It could be something altogether different, a hoax, or an actual model of the next Ford Ranger. The only thing we know for certain is that the next-gen Ranger is in fact due around 2022, and that it will be designed and built right here in America. And if it winds up looking like our renderings, we’d be perfectly OK with that, too!

Illustration for Ford Truck Enthusiasts by Pratyush Rout

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