Harley Servi-Car Plus Model T Box Equals Vintage Perfection

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Harley Servi-Car Model T

Harley never offered a Model T pickup bed on its popular Servi-Car. But maybe the iconic motorcycle company should have!

Harley-Davidson and Ford have long enjoyed a friendly relationship. We’ve seen plenty of Harley-themed Ford trucks over the years, whether they be factory builds or custom ones. And it makes sense, given the fact that these two companies are icons of American manufacturing. What you rarely see, however, is a Harley with Ford truck parts installed on it. But this 1947 Harley Servi-Car, which we spotted recently at Mecum, has a pickup bed lifted from an actual truck.

Not just any truck, either. The Model T box on this Hog looks like it belongs there, despite what you’d initially think. Of course, it had to be shortened and sectioned to fit, but there’s no mistaking where it came from. And as nice as it turned out, we wouldn’t be surprised to see more of these utility-focused Servi-Cars receive similar treatment moving forward.

Harley Servi-Car Model T

The Servi-Car is an interesting and highly successful slice of Americana in itself. The three-wheeled bikes enjoyed a long production run, from 1932 to 1973. Police departments loved them, and as did the military and small businesses. They drove much like cars and had tons of storage space, which this particular Model A box-equipped bike has in spades.

Harley Servi-Car Model T

Outside of the added bed, this stunning vintage Harley is pretty much bone stock. So if you didn’t know any better, you might believe that the box was put there from the factory. It’s an interesting exercise of “what if” that’s also quite feasible. Given the strong relationship between these two iconic companies, we could have easily seen a bike like this rolling off the assembly line back in the ’40s.

Harley Servi-Car Model T

But of course, it didn’t. So today, we’ll just drool over this cool vintage three-wheeler and dream of what could have been!

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