A Hardcore Ford Focus RS500 is Currently in Purgatory

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The Ford Focus RS is out, and it is an absolute hit. Jeremy Clarkson loves it, Top Gear gave it a 9/10, EVO gave it a 5/5, and Autocar gave it a 5/5. ┬áThe biggest complaint was the interior lacking some quality bits and maybe the comfortability lacking a bit. Not that that really matters for what the car is intended for, but it still matters. What people didn’t complain about was the power. Yet, Ford is considering an even more hardcore version of the hardcore version of the Focus hatchback.

According to a report from Autocar, Ford has been testing a car that would hold the name RS500 in Germany, and the car would reportedly have around 400 horsepower, if it’s produced. More information in the article states that though the engineers have been working on pumping out more power and performance, they are waiting for the official green light to put the car into limited production next year.

14684256516602016 Ford Focus RS

Remember Ford’s big plans to put out 12 performance vehicles by 2020? If Ford corporate thinks the production changes would be met with good enough sales, the RS500 could be one of them.

Judging by the spy shots from Autoblog of the car running on the Nurburgring, it appears it’ll have at least a couple exterior changes, as well. The immediate two differences are the slotted hood and a bigger spoiler.

If Ford confirms the plans, we’ll let you know.


info via [Autocar], photos via [Autoblog]

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