Hardcore Ford Enthusiast Breaks Down the F-150 & GT350

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Modified F-150 owner explains why Ford is the best for both trucks and cars.

The video above comes to us from the Custom Offsets YouTube channel and it features a question-and-answer session with Kirk Powell, director of operations and customer service for Custom Offsets. He answers ten questions about himself and his automotive lineup, focusing mainly on his lifted 2013 Ford F-150 and why he doesn’t drive it more often.

The Introduction

The first question asks Powell his name, his role with the company and what he drives. We addressed his name and job above, as well as his jacked-up 2013 Ford F-150. He also drives a 2016 Ford Mustang Shelby GT350 and a 2017 Volkswagen Jetta.

Kiik Powell Discusses Ford

Questions About Ford

During the course of the 10-question list, Powell is asked a series of questions pertaining to his interest in Ford. He explains what makes Ford so appealing to him, which of his vehicles he prefers and why he picked a Ford truck. He prefers the look of Ford trucks and cars, and he grew up in a Ford family. He also talks about how his F-150 had a nicer interior than the competitors when he was shopping, which played a big role in his purchase. Finally, the GT350 is currently his favorite vehicle because it is newer and it is just plain more fun to drive.

Powell's 2013 F-150 Front at Work

Next, Powell was asked whether his EcoBoost V6 or GM LS truck engines are better, to which he quickly points out that his truck will blow the doors off of comparable Chevy and GMC trucks. He was also asked for his views on Ford’s move to aluminum bodies, and while his truck has an older steel body, he points out that his dad had a newer F-150 and F-250, both of which have aluminum bodies and neither truck has had any problems.

Personal Truck Questions

The last group of questions pertained to his particular Ford F-150. He was asked how it handles the huge 8.5-inch lift with 22×14-inch wheels. He explains that it handles and rides fine, but the lift and the wheel/tire combo did slow the truck down a bit due to its 3.55 gears.

Powell F-150 Rear

Next, he was asked how many times his truck has stranded him and the answer was “none” and when asked why he doesn’t drive his F-150 more, he explains that his GT350 is more fun and in rough weather, the Jetta gets far better fuel economy.

He closes the Q&A session by explaining that his F-150 is his dream truck, but if given the chance, he would take a new Super Duty with the same upgrades. Click here for a closer look at Kirk Powell’s F-150.

Powell F-150 Low Front

Crank up your speakers and enjoy this interview with a lifelong Ford fan.

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